Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Beta Released

Red Hat has announced the release of a new update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.x series, an enterprise-class Linux distribution with a range of support options. This version introduces new Ansible roles and provides live kernel patching options through the web administration console:

RHEL’s web console, based on the upstream Cockpit project, is a web-based interface for managing and monitoring your systems. RHEL 8.5 Beta brings a few new tricks to an already useful and convenient RHEL utility. Enhanced web console performance metrics: The enhanced performance metrics page can help identify potential causes of high CPU, memory, disk, and network resource usage spikes. In addition, customers can more easily export metrics to a Grafana server. Kernel live patching management via web console: This new web console capability provides a simplified interface for applying live kernel updates without having to use command line tooling.

And detailed of release notes for further information. As always, existing Red Hat customers can get the new release from the company’s Customer Portal, while new users can apply to download a 30-day evaluation edition.


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