Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 new details surface online

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is said to come with S-Pen input. It may also arrive with an Under Panel Camera. Together with the Galaxy Z Flip 2, it may be out later this year.

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It was also mentioned before the idea of dual or tri fold design but that may not happen this year. We can also look forward to a smaller cover display and it will be lighter in form.

A June 2021 announcement is anticipated but at this point, release date isn’t really important. We’re just curious as how it will be different and better than its predecessor. It may be lighter and will probably arrive with an under display camera.

The Samsung foldable phone is also said to come with two hinges and a sliding keyboard plus a thicker display, and AES. A light indicator on the hinge patent surface may also be added.

The Galaxy Fold 3 may have a smaller screen too but the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s will be bigger. We just heard the upcoming premium flagship foldable phone will also be water or splash proof. It’s not really impossible but it can be a challenge since there are lot of moving and folding parts. According to a source, it will be splash proof but there will be no official IP rating.

By saying that it is splash proof, it doesn’t mean you can already submerge the phone under water. It can survive getting wet or a liquid spill. Samsung is committed to improve the foldable phones so this could be the first step.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 is known this early as model number SM-F711. So far, we know it will run on One UI 3.5 Android and come with 128GB or 256GB storage. Color options are as follows: Beige, Black, Green, and Light Violet.


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