Samsung Security Updates Rolling Out to Mid-Range Galaxy Devices

More Samsung Galaxy devices will get major and minor updates. The South Korean tech giant has always been committed to improving the way it releases software and firmware upgrades. Several One UI releases have been made in the past few weeks and months. We can expect more will roll out and at a much faster pace since development is also becoming faster. Android 11 is now available to most premium flagships from Samsung and we can expect more devices will get the latest update.

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Apart from the Android 11 One UI updates, Samsung also has the security updates. They come more regularly now than ever some monthly while others roll out quarterly.

Samsung has set three frequency categories: monthly, quarterly, and other regular. The latter is mainly biannual which means software updates are released twice a year only.

Samsung Security Updates

Samsung has released a list of phones that will get the security update biannually. There are as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite and Galaxy Note FESamsung Galaxy A6, Galaxy A6+, Galaxy A7 (2018), Galaxy A8+ (2018), Galaxy A8 Star, Galaxy A8s, and Galaxy A9 (2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Core, Galaxy J3 (2017), Galaxy J3 Top, Galaxy J4, Galaxy J4+, Galaxy J4 Core, Galaxy J5 (2017), Galaxy J6, Galaxy J6+, Galaxy J7 (2017), Galaxy J7 Duo, Galaxy J7 Prime2, Galaxy J7 Pop, Galaxy J7 Top, Galaxy J7 Max, Galaxy J7 Neo, Galaxy J7+, and Galaxy J8
  • Samsung Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20

Even these Samsung Galaxy Tab devices are also getting security updates: Galaxy Tab A (2017), Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018), Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy Tab S4, and the Galaxy Tab E 8 Refresh. Notice these are mainly mid-range Galaxy devices.

If you own any of the devices mentioned above, wait for an OTA to be available. You can also check your settings.


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