Slackware Linux 15.0 Released

Patrick Volkerding has announced that the development branch of Slackware Linux (known as “Current”) has now reached “beta” status:

I’m going to go ahead and call this a beta even though there’s still no fix for the illegal instruction issue with 32-bit MariaDB. But there should be soon. No build regressions noted with the official GCC 10.3 release. Please report any new (or old) issues on the LQ Slackware forum. Enjoy!”

The latest entries in the changelog indicate various updates, including an upgrade to Linux kernel 5.10.29 (default; a newer 5.11.13 kernel is available in the “testing” repository) and GCC 10.3.0. It also lists a couple of security fixes to dnsmasq and irssi. All KDE packages have been recently upgraded, so KDE Plasma is now at version 5.21.4 and KDE Applications at 5.81.0. Thunderbird has also undergone an upgrade due to recent security issues.

As always, Slackware does not provide any official testing images, but users interested in installing and testing the distribution are welcome to download Eric Hameleers’ unofficial installation DVD or installation mini CD (built from Slackware’s “Current” tree and updated daily): slackware64-current-install-dvd.iso.


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