Stop Service of Facebook Tracking On Your Smartphone

Privacy has always been a major concern for users while surfing the social media applications or websites. And when it comes to social media platforms, its Facebook and Instagram are amongst the popular ones. The former has been under the radar for privacy-related concerns for long now. The Cambridge Analytica scandal is what got Facebook in the headlines with regards to user’s privacy.

Facebook has also taken a lot of heat for tracking user’s data. This came into notice recently that the social media giant not only has access to the basic user information but is using it for more than its actual requirements. The data is collected based on user activity. While Facebook assures of no personal data misuse, there is a rising concern amongst the users regarding the same.

Now you might be wondering if the company is doing so without permission, well, remember allowing the set of permissions while setting up the application and profile? That consent is how Facebook can get access to a certain set of user data. But there are ways with which you can put a stop the company’s data-tracking system on your profile. In this article, we have shared the steps on how to stop Facebook from tracking data on your smartphone?

How To Stop Facebook From Tracking Data/Information On Smartphone?

To stop the Facebook application from collecting data on your smartphone, you have to follow a few basic steps on your Android/ iOS smartphone. We are listing down the steps with reference to Android OS.

Step 1: Open the ‘Settings’ menu on your smartphone.

Step 2: Go the ‘Apps and Notifications’ tab.

Step 3: Now, select the ‘Facebook’ application and go to ‘permissions’.

Step 4: You can disable the permissions as per your convenience.


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