Debian 10.9 Released

While Debian 11.0 is brewing and currently under a hard freeze, Debian 10.9 is out this weekend as the latest stable update to Debian 10 “Buster“. Debian 10.9 brings SBAT support to the FWUPD packages, … Read more

Debian Launches A Debuginfod Server

Debian is the latest major Linux distribution deploying a Debuginfod web server so that ELF/DWARF/source-code information can be supplied via HTTP to clients on-demand when debugging. Introduced last year was Debuginfod with GNU Binutils 2.34 … Read more

Debian 10.8 Released

Debian 10.8 as the Linux distribution’s latest quarterly update is now available ahead of Debian 11 expected later in the year. Debian 10.8 provides the latest stable release updates for “Buster” with dozens of package … Read more