FreeBSD 13.0 Released

The FreeBSD project has announced the availability of FreeBSD 13.0. After an extended development cycle, FreeBSD has arrived with a number of key improvements and features, in particular ARM64 is now a Tier 1 architecture, … Read more

FreeBSD 13.0-RC4 Released

Last week saw FreeBSD 13.0-RC3 released as an “extra” build due to the fallout from the last minute WireGuard situation. Due to other bugs, FreeBSD 13.0-RC4 was issued today rather than going for the final release.

FreeBSD 13.0-RC1 Released

With plans of formally releasing FreeBSD 13.0 at month’s end, FreeBSD 13.0-RC1 is available this weekend and on-schedule for helping to test and evaluate this forthcoming major BSD operating system update. Over the prior betas, … Read more

FreeBSD 13.0 BETA4 Released

The fourth beta snapshot of FreeBSD 13.0 is now available for download and testing. This is an unplanned release which means that the final build of FreeBSD 13.0 has been rescheduled to arrive a week … Read more

FreeBSD 13.0 beta3 Released

Glen Barber has announced that the third BETA build of the upcoming FreeBSD 13.0 (scheduled for final release on 23 March) is now ready for testing. The third BETA build of the 13.0-RELEASE release cycle … Read more

FreeBSD 13 BETA2 Released

New to the FreeBSD codebase this week has been fixing of issues around their 32-bit builds, updated Ncurses, support for kernel TLS offload is now added and turned on by default, the Mellanox ConnectX-4 MLX5EN … Read more