Linus Torvalds normally releases new kernel versions on Sundays like clockwork, but yesterday was one of the rare occasions where that trend was interrupted. Due to Linus Torvalds’ travels of […]

It’s been a fairly smooth week and Linus summed up the 5.15 state of affairs as, This release continues to look pretty normal after the initial hiccups. At least going […]

Linux 5.15-rc3 overall is looking good. Linus noted in today’s announcement, “So after a somewhat rocky merge window and second rc, things are now actually looking pretty normal for rc3. […]

Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux Kernel 5.14. In this post, we recap the updates and provide you the download/installation instructions. So I realize you must all still be […]

Linus briefly summed it up in the 5.14-rc4 announcement, “Nothing to see here, entirely normal rc4. It’s mostly a very nice and flat diffstat – so small spread out changes […]

Linus Torvalds just released Linux 5.14-rc2 as the latest weekly test candidate of the maturing Linux 5.14 kernel. Given that it’s a week past the Linux 5.14 merge window, there […]

Following the two-week long merge window, the first release candidate to Linux 5.14 is now available with all the shiny new features to be found in this next kernel release. […]

Linus Torvalds has just released the Linux 5.13 kernel as stable. Linux 5.13 was just tagged and is ready to go. The kernel is shipping under the new “Opossums on […]