Telegram brings auto-delete to all chats, home screen widgets, invite links

Telegram updates are always something to look forward to since they consistently bring exciting and useful goodies to the digital table. The latest one is no exemption as users can now enable an auto-delete timer to all kinds of chats. You can also now access your chats faster with two kinds of home screen widgets as well as more flexible invite links. And if your group is almost reaching the maximum limit of members, you can convert it to a broadcast chat with unlimited members.

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Previously, Telegram users can set a message to self-destruct at a certain time, but you could only do it in Secret Chats. The update now lets you put an auto-delete timer in all of the Telegram chats, whether one-on-one, groups, or channels. You can choose to automatically erase the message or messages for all participants either in 24 hours in 7 days after sending. You have to set the timer first before sending of course and you’ll see a countdown timer in the message. For groups or channels, only admins can enable and modify it.

Owners and admins of groups and channels can now also create invite links with limited duration and/or number of uses. You can also now convert invite links into a scannable QRcode so you can put them on posters, billboards, websites, etc. You can also see analytics of these links like where new members came from to determine which is most effective for growing your groups and channels.

Telegram users can also now use home screen widgets for easier access to their chats. The Chat Widget already shows a preview of recent messages. Shortcut Widget will only show names and profile pictures. If your group is nearing the limit of up to 200,000 members, you can now convert it to Broadcast Groups so you will have an unlimited number of members. However, in Broadcast Groups, only admins can send messages but members can still join in on voice chats.

The latest Telegram update also brings improved chat import and an improved reporting system as well. And as they say, a new update also brings new animated emojis so enjoy the new ones like clinking champagne glasses, animated hearts and stars among other things.


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