The Next Android 12 Beta features

Like the past couple of Android OS versions, Android 12 will not be named after a dessert. Google is sticking to a much simpler name so as not to confuse the public. Calling it by the number is easier. The next Android OS version is now on Developer Preview 3 and we can expect more features and enhancements will be introduced in the coming months. The newest version is actually due but before its public release, the new features have been leaked.

The arrival of Android 12 Developer Preview 3 is just around the corner. The leaked information from XDA is a result of a hands-on preview. The build was from any anonymous source. XDA isn’t sharing the version to the public but details are ready.

XDA notes several new features and optimizations. There are new emojis and new Wi-Fi and Internet changes. The Scrolling Screenshots feature has been improved. App Pairs have shown progress as well. Calling Google Assistant will be easier by just holding the power button.

You may also notice a Search bar in the widget picker and dual panel home screen for tablets. A Quick Setting tile for Device Controls, Cards, and Passes has been added.

There are new privacy features on Android such Clipboard Access Prompts. Android 12 will offer better sideloading apps, improved notification permissions, and clipboard access prompts. There will also be a better Location Permission dialog plus two new permissions (Media Management Apps and Alarms and Reminders).

Possible Android 12 design changes are also available like a new volume panel UI, splash screens for every app, new app drawer opening animation, new charging animation, and some changes to the Conversation widget picker, Ripple and Overscroll effects, and Thicker Brightness Slider. “Reduce Brightness” has been renamed to “Extra dim”.


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