Twitter Finally Gives DMs On Android a Search Tool

If you use Twitter’s Direct Messages a lot on your Android device, you must be frustrated on how you are not able to search your messages while those on iOS and the web can. Well finally, two years after they launched it, the search for DMs finally arrives for the Android app. They’re even bringing an “improved version” as you will now be able to search through all your DMs and not just the recent ones. And soon, you’ll be able to search by content as well.

Twitter introduced DM search a couple of years ago much to the relief of those who needed to search through messages. The only way to do that previously was to scroll through all of your DMs and if you had a lot, then you had to scroll through a lot. Unfortunately for Android users, the search function was only available for the iOS app and the web version of Twitter. Two years later, Android apps can finally join in the DM search fun.

In fact, what Android users will get is an “improved version” of the search tool. You will be able to search through your whole DM history and not just the recent messages. Twitter is also working on bringing the ability of searching the content of the messages aside from just the sender. They are bringing this even more improved search functionality later this year. It would also be good to have more filters later on.

This may sound like a minor update only but for those that use Twitter DMs a lot, this has been a pain point. While other messaging apps have seamless and convenient search functions, Twitter was behind when it came to this. Actually, it’s only the past couple of years that Twitter has been paying attention to messaging, adding reactions, letting users send voice DMs (selected areas), etc. Now though their focus is more on audio content and content creators so it’s good that DMs are still getting some love.

The search tool on Twitter’s DMs is now available on the Android app. Make sure you update to the latest version if you’re not seeing it yet on yours.


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