Twitter Finally Lets You Upload And View 4K Photos on Mobile

It was just last month when Twitter said that they were testing out uploading and viewing 4K photos on the mobile app. It looks like the test went well as they are now officially rolling out the option to see all your 4K photos in its full glory not just on the desktop but also on your mobile device. This means photographers, artists, and content creators will be able to upload their photos without it being compressed and maybe lose some of its beauty.

Since we’ll be seeing more high-quality photos, this may mean a “crisper” looking Twitter. No longer will you see your high res photos whittled down, which is pretty important for visual storytellers and those who enjoy looking at uncompressed images on their social media feed. Previously, the Twitter web app already supports high-resolution images up to 4096 x 4096 resolution but the mobile app only had half of that with a maximum of 2048 x 2048.

Now it will let you upload and view photos in 4K but you will have to enable it. Go to the settings and find the data usage section. You will then have to enable both the high-quality image uploads and the high-quality images, which is for viewing images in 4K. You can choose whether you can upload and view on Wi-Fi only or on mobile data & Wi-Fi . Or never if you don’t really care, you can just disable it.

One thing that they were testing as well back in March but seems to be missing in this roll out is a fix for its weird cropping algorithm. They were playing around with showing the whole image in the tweet instead of cropping it since not everyone will actually click on a picture to see the whole thing. Hopefully, this will roll out soon so that there will be less misunderstandings of what the photo in the tweet actually wants to show.

For now though, rejoice that you can see and upload photos in 4K. If you’re using your data, it may eat it up more than usual so make sure you’ve chosen the right settings for your high-quality images.


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