Waffle 1.7 Released

It’s been a while since last having anything to report on Waffle as the library abstracting OpenGL and windowing system selection to run-time while this weekend marked its v1.7 release.

The Waffle FreeDesktop.org project allows deferring OpenGL API and window system selection to run-time to easily switch between OpenGL vs. OpenGL ES as well as for Wayland vs. X.Org and other options. While the project site is rather stale at this point, those wanting to learn more can visit Waffle-GL.org.

Waffle 1.7 brings XDG-Shell protocol support to its Wayland implementation, window resize support in the surfaceless code, GLX/WGL behaving correctly with ARB_create_context, and a variety of other smaller fixes/changes.

More details on Waffle 1.7 can be found via the release announcement.


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