WhatsApp Introduces Cheat Codes Feature

WhatsApp has made its way to every second available smartphone be it Android or iOS. The instant messaging service is what most of us have been using for communication with our peers. The end-to-end encryption and several other user-friendly features have what made this application popular amongst the users.

The company has been consistent with adding features to its platform which can be used across the mobile as well as the desktop version. WhatsApp has released another new feature for the users. However, this one is specifically designed for laptop and PC users. The company has now introduced a set of short cut keys for Windows and iOS called Cheat Codes. Take

What Is WhatsApp Cheat Codes Feature? How To Use It?

The shortcut keys are not the same for the Windows and iOS platforms, WhatsApp has categorized the new shortcuts into four different parts depending on the OS. The company has created Cheat Codes for Windows Desktop app, Windows browser version, Mac browser version, and Mac desktop app.

New Shortcut MacOS, Windows OS

All you need to do is press several combinations of keys for shortcut functions. Since we are used to short cut keys for other programmes as well, WhatsApp’s this new feature will definitely come as a respite. We wouldn’t have to hover the mouse over options to get done with texting, deleting a chat, muting a chat, and even open a profile by using shortcut keys.

WhatsApp has been constantly upgrading its messaging platform by adding new features. The company has recently added Vaccines for All sticker pack which is aimed at encouraging the masses to get vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus. The company is also expected to bring a multi-device support option which has been in demand for a long.


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