WhatsApp Lets Android, iOS Users To Import Third-Party Sticker Packs

After a long wait, WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to import third-party sticker packs on Android and iOS platforms. Well, the app has been supporting third-party sticker packs for quite some time but it is limited to users who create their own custom stickers using compatible apps. After creating stickers using third-party apps, users can import the same to the instant messaging platform.

Now, as per a recent revelation by WABetaInfo, the feature is official in select markets such as Brazil, India and Indonesia. It is said that other countries will get the support to import third-party sticker packs on Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp Third-Party Sticker Support

The iOS users with version 2:21:40 and Android beta users with version 2:21:5:6 will get the ability to use the feature that lets them import third-party sticker packs. It is being rolled out right now to both the app stores and users might get the same in a few days.

How To Import Third-Party Sticker Packs

Both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store have numerous sticker-making apps. The WhatsApp fansite notes that the ‘Sticker Maker’ app will let them create stickers on their own. This is interesting as users can create stickers that they like. Following the recent Sticker Maker app update, it is also possible to create animated and text-only stickers. Furthermore, users can create a sticker using an image or video from the Gallery app.

Sticker Maker confirms that WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to import custom sticker packs. It notes that if you aren’t able to add stickers to WhatsApp, then you need to wait for the latest update to hit your smartphone.

Based on the official WhatsApp guidelines, users can either import an image or animated sticker pack. There could be issues while importing sticker packs with both static and animated stickers. Also, each sticker pack should have a minimum of three stickers. If you want to add third-party sticker packs to WhatsApp, then you need to keep these aspects in mind.

If you are using the Sticker Pack app for this purpose, then you need to open the application and choose a name for the sticker pack. Now, add images or animated stickers to the pack. You can resize the stickers on the app. Now, publish the sticker pack, which will be converted into a webp file by the app so that it can be imported easily to WhatsApp.


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