WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update

WhatsApp has been all in the headlines with the new set of privacy guidelines it announced earlier this year. The company started taking heat after reports suggesting the new guidelines allow sharing user’s data with the parent company Facebook. WhatsApp even postponed the previous deadline for the users to be sure of new privacy protocols.

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The company seems adamant about making the changes to the privacy guidelines and for the users to accept them. The company have already confirmed that the users who don’t accept the new privacy policy would slowly be losing access to important features. It is being suggested that WhatsApp will stop the users’ access from calling as well as sending text messages.

That’s when a user keeps on denying the new set of the privacy policy. That said, WhatsApp has been notifying the users of the new privacy policy update. However, numerous users still haven’t complied.

Since it is now confirmed that WhatsApp will not disable such accounts, the restriction on the usage of features is what would be a major concern. Besides, the extended deadline to comply with the updated privacy policy has also expired.

So, how can you go ahead and accept the new privacy guidelines by WhatsApp the deadline is over? Are there any manual steps that you can follow to stop your WhatsApp services from getting disabled? Let’s find out:

How Can We Accept New WhatsApp Privacy Policy Manually?

WhatsApp has been sending notifications to users to accept the new privacy guidelines. Unfortunately, that’s the only possible way to agree to the new set of privacy policy. There is no separate update that you can download to accept the changed privacy policy.

However, you shouldn’t be disappointed. If in case you don’t plan to switch over to WhatsApp alternates such as Telegram or Signal, just make sure you accept the privacy update when you get a pop-up for the same next time. Delaying to accept the guidelines would only let the company disable important features on the application.

What All Features Won’t Function If New WhatsApp Guidelines Are Not Accepted?

If you fail or chose not to accept the updated WhatsApp policy, you will lose access to a bunch of features including the chat list. Also, you wouldn’t be able to read messages directly from the notification tab, rather will have to open.

The incoming calls would also be barred and if the privacy guidelines are not accepted despite several notifications and also incoming texts would be blocked.


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