Wine 6.12 Released

In celebrating the US holiday weekend, Wine 6.12 has arrived for popping in enjoying the latest Windows games and applications on Linux.

This routine bi-weekly Wine development release brings more portable executable (PE) conversion work, new built-in themes, the start of a Network Store Interface implementation, and more. Wine developers have begun fleshing out their NSI (nsi.dll) implementation for this user-mode implementation delivering network notifications to clients.

  • Builtin “Blue” and “Classic Blue” themes.
  • More work towards WinSock PE conversion.
  • Beginnings of the NSI (Network Store Interface) implementation.
  • Support for 32/64-bit registry views in reg.exe.
  • Various bug fixes.

More details on and download links for Wine 6.12. With the 42 fixes in this release are also addressing problems for games like STALKER: Call of Pripyat, Rainbow Six Siege, Metal Gear Solid V, and other games as well as many application fixes too.


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