Wine 6.15 Released

Wine 6.15 has been uncorked as the newest bi-weekly development release of this software that powers Steam Play and more for running Windows games/applications on Linux.

Wine 6.15 continues the recent trend of converting more libraries to portable executable (PE) format and more 32-bit to 64-bit thunks being implemented for NTDLL calls. The WinSock WS2_32 library is the latest seeing the PE conversion.

Wine 6.15 also now supports performance data in the registry, improves floating point status handling in the C run-time, and continues work on preparing for the GDI system call interface.

There are 49 known bug fixes that are part of Wine 6.15 including addressing issues with Metal Gear Solid V, Resident Evil 4, and many other game fixes. There are also application fixes ranging from Logos Bible Software to DTS Master Audio Suite to various Microsoft product installer issues. See the full list of Wine 6.15 changes at


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