Wine 6.20 Released

Around the start of the new year these Wine 6.xx point releases will culminate with the annual Wine 7.0 stable release update.

Wine 6.20 continues the recent trend of converting more modules over to the PE (Portable Executable) format. The latest Portable Executable conversion work is for MSXml, XAudio, and DInput, among others. There are also some system libraries bundled with the source to support PE builds.

After Wine 6.18 enabled the HID joystick code by default, Wine 6.20 also now uses that as the only supported joystick back-end in the DirectInput code path.

  • MSXml, XAudio, DInput and a few other modules converted to PE.
  • A few system libraries are bundled with the source to support PE builds.
  • HID joystick is now the only supported joystick backend in DirectInput.
  • Better support for MSVCRT builds in Winelib.
  • Various bug fixes.

When it comes to the bug fixes in this bi-weekly development release, software fixed up this time around include Emergency 3, EA Desktop, Project CARS 2, Diablo 2: Resurrected, and others. Downloads and more details on Wine 6.20 via


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