Wine 6.3 Released

Two weeks ago Wine 6.2 came in at 669 patches while now with the Wine 6.3 point release has climbed to just under 700 patches atop the upstream Wine code-base.

Wine 6.3 clocks in at 694 patches even with a number of patches having been upstreamed, primarily around the WIDL WinRT code.

There are new patches with Wine 6.3 in trying to address some permission issues. In particular, Bug 39263 around Discord and other programs using the Squirrel installer needing to be run as an un-elevated process. That bug has been open since 2015 while also addressed by Wine 6.3 is Bug 40613 that has been open since 2016. That second bug is over various applications needing to be run unprivileged / as a normal user rather than administrator. That bug report pertains to WhatsApp, OneDive, Smartflix, and other Squirrel installer based software.

With Wine 6.3 should be tentative patches for properly handling those programs to run without administrator privileges. There have been many other duplicate bug reports to Wine over the years for other programs wanting to be run as a normal user and not administrator, to which Wine 6.3+ should now properly handle them.

Wine-Staging 6.3 has also updated its NVIDIA CUDA support code, among other routine maintenance/re-basing work to its many other patches being carried in the staging tree.

Those wanting to try the new 6.3 releases of Wine via


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