Wine 6.6 Released

Wine 6.6 is out as the open-source project’s first release of April for running Windows games and applications primarily on Linux and macOS platforms. With Wine 6.6 comes more feature work that will ultimately be incorporated into the Wine 7.0 release due out in early 2022.

Wine 6.6 isn’t a particularly big release but it does update its Mono engine against v6.1.1, the DWrite and DNSAPI libraries have been converted to portable executable (PE) format, there is plug and play driver support improvements, and a variety of bug fixes. The plug and play work includes a number of improvements to NTOSKRNL and SETUPAPI around storing of root PnP devices and re-enumerating the root devices.

This week is particularly heavy on the bug fixes with 56 known bug fixes. The fixes range from helping Half-Life to a mix of other new and old games, continued work on Microsoft Flight Simulator, a fix around some missing features needed for Denuvo anti-cheat, and other random fixes like Google Drive crashing under Wine.

All the changes/fixes and downloads for Wine 6.6 are available from


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