Wine 6.8 Released

Wine 6.8 isn’t the most exciting development release but one interesting low-level note is there is now support for loading libraries from architecture-specific subdirectories. Alexandre Julliard worked out the support so the likes of NTDLL, SETUPAPI and other components can load libraries from architecture-specific PE directories. The build system has also been updated for installing the PE files, fake DLLs, and related bits into architecture-specific directories. Similar to the architecture-specific subdirectories common to many Linux distributions for library handling, this can help out some workflows primarily for Wine developers as well.

Wine 6.8 also converts its Secur32 library to PE format, adds support for the Map object in JavaScript, and has 35 known bug fixes. The bug fixes over the past two weeks include addressing a wide range of software problems from Visual C++ 2005 Express to Samsung Dex to Star Citizen and other game issues.

Downloads and more details on the Wine 6.8 development release can be found via


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