YouTube May Soon Let You Loop Individual Videos

There are times when you want a song or a video to play over and over again either to pump you up or because you really just love it so much. Unfortunately, if you’re watching or listening to it on YouTube, there’s no way to loop an individual video even though looping is available for playlists. It looks like the YouTube app for Android is working on a fix for that so you will be able to continuously loop individual videos for as long as you like.

XDA Developers share that they found a string in YouTube’s Android app version 16.09.34 that seem to indicate it will soon let you loop videos. Based on the code, they are preparing to add a loop button on the video playback controls so you will be able to loop a song, gameplay, or whatever video you want to put on repeat. Currently, what you can only loop are playlists so if you want to loop just one video, you will have to create a playlist with that one song and then loop it.

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Why would you want to play just one video over and over?”, you may ask. Well there are some lo-fi music videos posted on YouTube that people use as background productivity or focus music. There are also some gameplay videos that gamers want to watch over and over as they practice their own games. Or maybe you’re just a fan of the song or artist and you want to add as many views as you can (well, not unique views obviously).

As always though, when it comes to seeing strings like these, there is not guarantee if Google will actually launch this on the YouTube app. Or if they do launch it, it may take a few weeks or months to launch it and it may even go through a beta testing phase yet. It’s not a major update or new feature but it will be useful for the circumstances mentioned above, especially if you’re keeping YouTube on the background as you’re working.

For now though, we’ll have to live with the possibility that we will indeed get the ability to loop individual videos. Hopefully we get more news from YouTube soon about this.


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